Process DMCA Counter request for Blog on GitHub

This post is just for freedom of speech, what is recorded the processing of DMCA Counter request for my Blog repo on Github, since it has been disabled access, you can access on my copy repo

1. SENT BY GitHub Staff

Hi there,

I’m contacting you on behalf of GitHub Support because we’ve received a DMCA takedown notice regarding the following content:

You can view the notice and the details of the requested changes below.

In this case only certain files were identified as allegedly infringing. Since it’s not possible to disable individual files within a GitHub repository, we’re giving you a 24 hour opportunity to remove the content named in the takedown. Please follow the steps in the following article to remove the content from the history:

Once you’ve done that, please reply to this message to confirm the change. If we don’t hear from you that a change is made within the next 24 hours, we will need to disable the entire repository according to our GitHub DMCA Takedown Policy, which you can find here:

If you believe your content on GitHub was mistakenly disabled by a DMCA takedown request, you have the right to contest the takedown by submitting a counter notice, as described on the DMCA Takedown Policy page.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you reply within 24 hours to confirm whether you have made the requested changes. If you do not, the repository will be disabled.

Dear Github

I’m [Private] from Tencent computer system Co. Ltd. based in Shenzhen. It is my pleasure to be able to use Github such a great product,and now we are hopefully able to get Github’s support .

I have read and understand GitHub’s Guide to Filing a DMCA Notice.

some employees disclosed internal source code and credetional of server which is highly confidential information of Tencent. or authentication of the server,we have found some of them and let them get the code off the shelf,but we need your support on the rest of them.


those leak our unique authentication

those repo contains:



leak our internal domain,for this,we hope Github can help delete those files

we would be appreciated if these repoes or files could be removed immediately and looking forward to your response.

The following is our contact information:

Company Name : Shenzhen city Tencent computer system Co. Ltd.

My Email Address : [Private]

Cellphone : [Private]

Company Address : 深圳市南山区高新南六道10号朗科大厦

Website: ;

I have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted materials described above on the infringing web pages is not authorized by the copyright owner, or its agent, or the law. I have taken fair use into consideration.
I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information in this notification is accurate and that I am the copyright owner, or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.



This is the DMCA Counter request, content is lost, what is roughly about I disagree with Tencent said, and there is no DMCA problem on my post which is written on 2014, and I even don’t known which content is illegaled with [private] point.

3. SENT BY Elizabeth (GitHub Support)

Hi Jacks,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we’re not in the position to any additional interpretation of the DMCA takedown notices we receive.

If you decline to make the changes requested in the takedown notice, please know that we will have to disable access to your repository. At that point, you will have the option to either request a second 24-hour window in which to make changes or to file a DMCA counter notice. You can read about both of these options here:

Please let me know if you have any other questions.



Hi GitHub:

Please stop do mistake things with Tencent!

I always like to share knowledge with tech communities, and I always respect for any people originality as I want people to do. I never believe I can receive DMCA takedown notices but I get, I never believe anybody can disable access on my GitHub repo but I get, I never believe the free and open place like GitHub can do such mistake things with Tencent, but you do! YOU LET ME DOWN!

First of all, Yesterday when I receive the DMCA takedown notices, I think there must be some misunderstanding, and I send a DMCA Counter Notice on ‘Get help with GitHub to you, but the reply letter is so official, and I think you just ignore my your loyalty user and freedom person request:

I want you to list all unallowed contents for me, but you didn’t, you just sent me one useless official email and after about 10 minutes you disabled public access on my Blog repo. So helpless and insecure on GitHub for me…

For convenience, I public my back up about this “ILLEGAL REPO” on my own Gitlab: and the “ILLEGAL FILE”: Workflows-Proxy ( which is written on 2014, it is just about Alfred Workflow, Not the Tencent source code!).

So I want to know

From the DMCA notice I even don’t know anything about [private] which is Tencent mentioned about unique authentication, could you please list it for me?

If you don’t provide it, I have to guess, I search all refer to Tencent on the post you said leak your unique authentication, I found:


Is it on the [private] content? If real this one, could you please tell why it’s illegal?

  1. does there any license on this link and I violate?
  2. is there any article of law on any country about people can’t using some public link( which anybody can access on anywhere )?
  3. is GitHub doesn’t allow user write some content free on license and law on GitHub? could you please list avoid content or regex?
  4. is it any big company want you GitHub to help them avoid any content on GitHub, you just stay on them rather than your user and just do that and ignore any DMCA Counter Notice from the user?

If there is any answer is yes, or you have some other reason can convince me, please write on letter and list all exactly avoid contents, then I will remove it from my repo, then please recover my repo, thank you.

Further more, about the link of, the Tencent public it event on its own website: whistle–全新的跨平台web调试工具, and you can find everywhere, like 百度内部也维护一个PAC文件.. - v2ex. If you search digger you can find there are many companies have such link, and most of them are public, I think if it’s public, it is the nice contribute for tech community, If it’s private, Tencent also have many ways to hide it with authenticate or whatever, It is a tech-company, not carrion-government but why he oppress the GitHub user?

Please forgive me I recorded all our contact message on my phabricator, I really want to know the real side of my favorite community.

Looking forward to your reply.

Finally, hope you respect even one user.
Thank you.

龚振杰. Jacks

5. SENT BY Embry (GitHub Support)

Hi Jacks,

Thanks so much for your response, and I’m sorry for the frustration and disappointment.

As my colleague, Elizabeth, mentioned in her last message, we are unable to offer any additional explanation or interpretation of the DMCA notices we receive.

If you believe your content on GitHub was mistakenly disabled by the DMCA takedown request, you have the right to contest the takedown by submitting a counter notice.

Or, if you would like to make changes to the repository in order to have it reinstated, you can request a second 24-hour window to do so:

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.



Hi Github,

Could you please tell me which Copyright I violate with which content?

If you don’t provide it, just disable public access to my repo because of one Tencent unreasonable request.


You take along with the U.S. Copyright Office’s official website on your doc and push me to delete NO COPYRIGHT, PUBLIC, FREE content, Don’t you think you do tarnish the U.S Copyright?

If you don’t provide it just force me to read tons of document and want me to provide 1,2,3,4,5..etc. info with DMCA Counter Notice, and after that force me to wait 10-14 days for Tencent response, If I win with my tired body, could you please pay for my wasted time?

Hope you provide it in the response email, thank you.

7. SENT BY Matt Hartley(GitHub Support)

Hi Jacks,

As my colleagues have noted previously, we are not able to provide any further interpretation or advice with regards to the notice. You can view the publicly available DMCA takedown notice here:

If you believe your content on GitHub was mistakenly disabled by the DMCA takedown request, you have the right to contest the takedown by submitting a counter notice. Information and instructions can be found here:

Or, if you would like to make changes to the repository in order to have it reinstated, you can request a second 24-hour window to do so.

If you have any further questions, or you are looking for advice on how to proceed I suggest you contact a legal professional.



Hi GitHub,

Did you read my e-mail? Your answer is not I asked.

You said I can view the publicly available DMCA takedown notice on here , But I said I don’t know which content is mentioned by Tencent with [private] words, and I even don’t know which license I violate. further more if DMCA takedown notice is wrong but you force me to wait 10-14 days for Tencent response, is there any compensation pay for my wasted time?

Could you please answer these questions directly first? Thank you.
Jacks. 龚振杰

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